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THANOS is in the news. Find out more about him from this video:

Since he first joined Comic Vine in June of 2008, Liberty has worked very hard on our wiki database and as a result, he has accumulated 131,821 total points- and that is just one…

New screenshots for Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.

It’s the end of the month but we get quite the selection of awesome books this week. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying The War of the Green Lanterns because three parts come out this week. We have…

Green Lantern Corps #60. Review by @MattDemers

If you’re into horror comics, and have been searching for a completely self-contained new story to scare your pants off, you’ll want to check out Jimmy Palmiotti’s ‘The Tattered…

Early Review: Detective Comics #877 by @Ssnyder1835 & @jock4twenty (in stores tomorrow). Review by @GManFromHeck

Batman and Robin #15
Batman and Robin #15

Most comics are easy enough to follow that if they’re released monthly or bi-monthly you (the reader) still have a general idea of what the heck is going on.